Inspiration #1: "Pagan Poetry" by Bjork by Angely Martinez

Source: Pinterest


Displayed at MoMA in 2015

For a very long time, I was fascinated with the visuals from Bjork's work. It wasn't until recently that I began to listen to her fabulous work and truly understand the meaning of her powerful music. I felt in love with the use of pearls earlier this year, and I love the personal way they are  used in this video, specifically on the dress designed by the late Alexander McQueen and the how they are arranged on the body, as if they are part of the skin.  Although the video can be at times painful to look at (i.e. the piercings), it is overall simply beautiful, romantic and very poetic. 


Directed by Nick Knight. Written by Björk. Published by Universal Music Publishing Ltd. ® 2001 Björk Overseas Ltd/One Little Indian Ltd.